A responsible cooperation network

VVO fights the grey economy by ensuring that the anti-grey economy models used by the company exceed legislative requirements in many respects. We continuously monitor contractor's liability data for all of the companies in our supplier network, whereas the law only requires data checks at three-month intervals.

Any companies that wish to be part of our supplier network must fulfil not only legal obligations but also VVO's own criteria for companies and associated persons. Our contract programme allows contractor chains to extend only as far as the second tier. Agreements between VVO and its contractors contain sanctions with regard to, for example, failure to use ID cards.

VVO complies with the obligations of the Contractor’s Liability Act in its procurements, and any party in our procurement chain or in a permanent business relationship with us must also commit to compliance with the act and our other ethical principles. We require all parties in the procurement chain that are involved in renovation, new construction and property maintenance to be members of the tilaajavastuu.fi register, to not use illegal labour, to take care of their statutory social obligations, and to commit to achieving VVO's environmental objectives.

Compliance with the Contractor’s Liability Act was included in the agreement signed between VVO and ISS Palvelut (the client and service provider respectively) in 2014. To our knowledge, this is the first time that a contract in Finland has included sanctions for failure to comply with the Contractor’s Liability Act. ISS is responsible for the maintenance of almost 300 properties.

According to a new law that came into force in 2014, the Tax Administration must receive certain information about contracts exceeding EUR 15,000. VVO created a system that sends monthly reports to the Tax Administration on all contracts and invoices exceeding this threshold.

TR measurements

TR measurements (working conditions assessment) are a means of observing occupational safety on construction sites. These measurements monitor key factors affecting on-site accidents. From VVO’s perspective, these measurements are important for maintaining occupational safety at a good level. VVO has collected this information as from 2013.

In the tender stage, the project manager sets the minimum level of TR measurements at 85-90 at new sites and at 82-90 at renovation sites. At the site start-up meeting, the target levels are specified with the contractor. At monthly construction site meetings, these TR figures are compared with actual figures measured on the site.


Occupational safety and risk management index, average


Property stock maintenance expenses

Property stock maintenance expenses4.224.384.685.155.06

Development of property maintenance quality points

Mobilisation period 1-6/20111. Quality measurement period, 7/2011-6/20122. Quality measurement period, 7/2012-6/20133. Quality measurement period, 7/2013-6/20144. Quality measurement period, situation in 12/2014
Development of property maintenance quality points52116940780376358001