Skilled personnel

The Customers function took part in the A2 training programme, enhancing sales- and business-oriented thinking amongst those working in customer service. The training provided greater insight into the importance of our customer promise and shared operating models, as well as a better understanding of best practices for cooperation. The joint A2 forum motivated personnel to develop the VVO and Lumo packages.

Our nationwide Customer Service Centre opened in June 2014. It answers all rental and housing-related queries by phone and email.

As part of the restructuring carried out during the spring, personnel from the Vantaa office transferred to VVO's headquarters on Mannerheimintie in Helsinki, and a single VVO Home Centre was established to serve the entire Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

At the end of 2014, VVO had a total of 343 (324) employees, of which 317 (313) were on permanent contracts and 26 (11) were on temporary contracts. The average number of personnel during the year was 339 (341). The average length of service was 10.0 (11.0) years. Personnel turnover in 2014 was 14.0 (6.6) per cent. 70 per cent of all employees worked in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

As a purchaser and investor, VVO is also an important employer in the areas in which its apartments are located. The indirect employment effect of VVO's property maintenance, cleaning, and renovation and building contracting totalled almost 3,400 person-years in 2014.



Vastuullinen kesäduuni


VVO ranks highly in the Responsible Summer Job Competition

VVO performed excellently in the 2014 Responsible Summer Job (Vastuullinen kesäduuni) campaign. VVO was placed in the top three, receiving an honourable mention in the major employers' category. VVO's summer employees were extremely satisfied, highlighting a great team spirit in the workplace, thorough induction, and interesting tasks. A total of 68 employers took part in the competition.






VVO employees


Indirect employment effect