Strong growth in rental housing investments

VVO-group plc is Finland’s largest market-based, private-sector landlord, offering versatile and effortless rental solutions coupled with an extensive range of housing services. The fair value of our rental apartments is EUR 3.6 billion. VVO Group owns 40,793 apartments, of which 26,841 are Lumo apartments and 13,952 VVO apartments.

In 2014, VVO spent a total of about EUR 250 million on new construction, housing acquisitions, and repairs to rental apartments. This strong growth is evidenced by the number of Lumo rental apartments under construction at the end of 2014: 1,127.

According to our annual customer satisfaction survey, 92 per cent of customers have recommended or would recommend VVO as a landlord. The average period of tenancy is 5.9 (5.9) years. Our long-term customer relationships are based on systematic apartment maintenance, active residents' associations, our ethos of a good customer experience, and ease of service. VVO seeks to be Finland's most valued and efficient landlord. We guarantee good customer service through our centralised Customer Service Centre, local VVO Home Centres, and convenient online services.