VVO-group plc's operations are based on the provision of a diverse range of safe, high-quality rental housing.

VVO's rent trends are predictable. The company adheres to the Fair Rental Conduct (Hyvä vuokratapa) rules jointly drawn up by the industry and VVO’s rental practices, which include the determination of recommended maximum rent increases.

The criteria for determining rents are discussed and approved annually by the Board of Residents and at residential management's economic theme evenings.

VVO seeks to participate in debate on Finnish housing policy to improve the standing of rental housing.

VVO fights the grey economy by ensuring that all the anti-grey economy models used by the company exceed legislative requirements in many respects. Legal amendments affecting construction came into force on 1 July 2014. VVO has created a system that sends monthly reports to the Tax Administration on all contracts and invoices exceeding the EUR 15,000 threshold stipulated in the amendment.

The Rental Property Action Plan (VAETS) savings targets for 2016 have already been achieved for heating energy and exceeded for property electricity consumption. This improvement in energy efficiency has largely been achieved with maintenance and operational measures.

In 2014, the change in the temperature-corrected consumption of heating energy in VVO properties was -0.8 per cent (-2.2%) on 2013. Likewise, the change in water consumption was -0.6 per cent (-0.6%) and electricity consumption -0.7 per cent (-2.7%).

CO2 emissions caused by heating energy production for VVO's properties were approximately 63,000 (68,000) tCO2. VVO seeks to alleviate the environmental impacts of energy consumption by using carbon-neutral energy for property electricity. District heating is used in 99 per cent of VVO’s properties.